This is the list of required documents and information to be obtained from the client during the onboarding period, in order to complete the Compliance review.

The list of required documents and information is provided below. It depends on a case by case so we might indicate some as “optional” or if applicable.

  • Company registration documents (if requested, notarized copies+ legalized or stamped with an apostille);
  • Operating License (if relevant, a simple copy is sufficient);
  • The latest annual audit report of the company (if relevant);
  • Company account bank statement (if applicable, up to 6 months old, a simple copy is sufficient);
  • Agreements with business partners/parent company/credit card processors/payment service providers/bank(a simple copy is sufficient);
  • Customer’s authorized person’s (director, authorized signatory), shareholder’s and beneficial owner’s identity documents (a simple copy is sufficient). Apply to those who held 25%;
  • Proof of address (POA) of Customer’s authorized person(s), shareholders and beneficial owner(s) (not older than 3 months, a simple copy is sufficient). Acceptable form of POA: water, gas, phone, internet, council tax. Other forms might be proof of address issued by a government body;
  • Proof of website domain ownership (invoice);
  • Client identification process, by photo identification compared with an identification document. Please note that this is a regulatory requirement

All of the above-mentioned documents must be translated into English language.

Each case officer within compliance department will have an authority to request any additional supporting documentation or information.